Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust (ORIT) has a core impact goal to accelerate the transition to net zero through our investments into building and operating a diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets. We embed ESG considerations into our investment processes, seeking opportunities where possible to implement initiatives that enhance the environment and communities we operate in.

Our ESG approach: Performance, Planet and People

In support of our impact ambitions, ORIT has developed an ESG and Impact strategy which is based around three pillars: Performance, Planet and People

This framework embeds ESG risk factors and considerations into investment processes, asset management and reporting, which is reflected in our ESG policy, reviewed annually by the Board of Directors. This enables ORIT to measure and track the positive impact its investments have for investors, the environment and society.

We choose to report our impact through KPIs and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN SDGs aim to create a better future for all in relation to ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and protecting our planet by 2030. These SDGs have become part of the universal language for reporting on the impact of investments.

Our core impact goal directly contributes to the UN SDGs 7 (access to affordable clean energy).


Financial return and ultimate investment success, mitigating the risk of losses; realised through robust governance structures, rigorous analysis and optimisation activities.


Environmental considerations for the construction and operation of assets, enhancing environmental potential where possible.


Social considerations for local communities, subcontractors, end-customers and employees, promoting a “Just Transition” to clean energy.

Beyond our core objective to accelerate the transition to net zero, ORIT will seek to generate impact by implementing initiatives that deliver an additional contribution to the Performance, People and Planet stakeholders. We will categorise these initiatives by four impact themes:

Sustainable momentum

Driven by the production of renewable energy. Aim to promote sustainable cities and communities and mitigate the impacts of climate change through additional social and environmental initiatives.

Stakeholder engagement

Propagate positive change through explorative collaboration and setting targets with key partners such as investors, asset managers and operation & management contractors. Have an active presence in lobbying for progressive government initiatives.


Invest time and resources into promotion of entrepreneurship and asset performance optimisation. This includes exploration into low carbon transition enabling opportunities and technologies.

Equality & Wellbeing

Encourage employee, contractor and community wellbeing through robust governance structures, health & safety management, educational training and workplace engagement. Promote equality measures through transparent diversity initiatives and reporting, educational opportunities and volunteering activities.

Related policies

In addition to a fund-specific ESG Policy, our investment manager, Octopus Renewables, has a number of policies and processes that support our commitment to ESG matters, including an equal opportunities policy, modern slavery policy, whistleblowing policy and conflicts policy. Their ESG Committee monitors fund management teams’ adherence to the Group and fund policies.

Octopus Group is a UN PRI signatory.

ORIT has also been awarded the LSE Green Economy Mark.